• Red Planet Vs. Blue Planet Series

    Series of three videos produced for a National Geographic event featuring many of today's most important explorers.

  • Forgotten Cambodian Art

    Japanese textile expert Kikuo Morimoto almost single-handedly revived the art of handwoven silks in war torn Cambodia.

  • National Aquarium in theater promo

    Produced for The National Aquarium in Baltimore, this video was designed to help aquarium guests understand what programs their admission dollars fund.

  • National Geographic Promo

    Produced for National Geographic to promote the Your Shot community. Chris Mattle: Writer, Editor, VO

  • Rescuing Blade

    Produced for the Marine Animal Rescue Program at National Aquarium this video highlights the Story of "Blade" a Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle.

  • Crazy Amazing Beautiful

    This is an example of a text based video series that I produced for National Geographic's Facebook page.

  • President & Mrs. Carter Tribute

    An in-depth look at the dedication President and Mrs. Carter have brought to HFHI since the early 1980′s.

  • Sloth.

    Goonies, Zooey Deschanel and small creatures from South America.