• Species Spotlight

    Animals areā€¦. This is an example of a series of videos created for National Aquarium.

  • World of Hope

    Available in three different languages this piece is used as an introduction to the Habitat for Humanity global capital campaign.

  • National Aquarium Rebrand

    This brand identity piece was used to kick off the multi-year rebranding process begun by the National Aquarium in 2015.

  • The NATO Bloc

    This piece was filmed in Oradea, the capital city of Bihor County, Romania.

  • National Aquarium: By The Numbers

    A graphic approach to the 2013 year end video for National Aquarium. Created in After Effects.

  • Habitat: What We Build

    The piece has been used to raise millions of dollars globally and has nearly 20k views on you tube.

  • Iowa: Wake of the Flood

    In June 2008, a flood devastated Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  • Five-hundred Thousand Houses

    Habitat for Humanity dedicated its 500,000th house in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, and began construction on its 500,001st house in Paterson, N.J. on October 3, 2011.